2021 Hacking and Riding

Two greys together there!
Lovely horses.
She lives opposite Harvey. We call her my grey girlfriend as she loves men, and as I am the only one around I am her favourite :)
Hope you're not too sore!
Just my finger for a while where I couldn't let go of the reins (and my pride is quite sore ;))
You seem to bounce, which is splendid. Perhaps you ought to add "number of falls" to your weekly statistics? ;)
I'm hoping to keep it at 0 for 2022! :)
Last post of this year. One of the liveries is keeping away as her daughter has covid. YO was asked to hack her horse so I was asked to bring the young schooling mare along. She was a bit "eyes on stalks" but went well. In the afternoon I took Harvey on a nice solo hack

2 hours
6 miles

Totals for year!
32 hours 05

457 miles
145 hours 15

Falls 4 I think! (@Jane&Ziggy :) )
Awww hes soooo pretty and they are so cute with him!šŸ˜Š i love the one where hes looking at the camra so cute with his main split to each side of his face! Hehehe