260 hens safe


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Apr 25, 2003
48,500 going to slaughter. We held our first hen rehoming here yesterday, 260 ex free range hens between the age of 58 and 78 weeks were delivered and unloaded, fed, watered and then their owners came to collect them.

They were ex free range and for once in very good condition, actually in full feather and a decent weight. So unlike the half dead chooks that usually turn up. There were only 10 that were taken out for special homes i.e being pecked, had a neck deformity but the others were friendly and feisty and full of themselves, trying to out, climbing up handlers they were hilarious. They had clearly watched chicken run.

So sad for their friends who are off on the bad lorry next week, but for the 260 who came here, they have a new life, We kept 2, one called Sparky as she kept escaping and we picked out one of the last ten to be her pal.

Plus we rehomed one of our boys, the naughty one. The two boys have been fighting and he is off with 10 hens to a new home with 4 acres so he should be much happier.
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