Aaaargggghhhh Plaiting nightmare

Thyme & Me

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Nov 23, 2011
Thyme's first show tomorrow. And my first attempt at plaiting her up......
She was tossing her head, I'm rubbish at it anyway, plaits were lumpy and awful and I kept scattering plaiting bands everywhere :banghead:. Have given up while Thyme and I were still speaking to each other. So Thyme will be pretending she is a Mountain & Moorland Pony :mstickle:
My first ever show class we were unplaited but pulled. I did it for fun to see how the horse behaved initially. Ok so we were placed very low down as it was a tack and turnout class, but it was the first class of the day and our first show.
I have since learnt how to plait with needle and thread and it is easier .
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I plait the driving ponies forelocks and I always have to have someone holding the head still. Its quite a fiddly job otherwise. I can do a mane if the horse is not moving too much i.e. got a haynet in front of it.
Secure with a band at the end of the long plait, then always sew it up, Makes for a much neater job