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Jun 24, 2000
3DE = Three Day Event

ABRS = Association of British Riding Schools

BD = British Dressage
BE = British Eventing
BHS = British Horse Society
BSJA = British Show Jumping Association
BTW = By The Way
BUMP = Bring Up My Post

CHAPS = Coloured Horses and Pony Society

DR = Dressage
DH = Dearest/darling hubby

EDT = Equine Dental Technician (dentist)
EE = Enlightened Equitation
EP = Equine Podiatrist
ETA = Edited To Add

FAO = For the Attention Of
FR = First Ridden

HDT = Horse Driving Trials
HJ = Hunter/Jumper
HM = Heather Moffett
HOYS = Horse of the Year Show
HPT = High Performance Trim
HW = Heavyweight

ID = Irish Draft
IH = Intelligent Horsemanship
IHB = Irish Horse Board
IMO = In My Opinion
IMHO = In My Humble/Honest Opinion
ISH = Irish Sport Horse

JK = Just Kidding

LR = Lein Rein/Lynn Russell
LW = Lightweight

Mods = Moderators

NR = New Rider (as in the message board)

O/T = Off Topic
ODE = One Day Event
OH = Other Half
OMG = Oh My God
OTT = Over The Top
OTT = Off Track Thoroughbred
OTTB = Off Track ThoroughBred

PC = Pony Club
PM = Private Message
PMU = Pregnant Mare Urine
PSG = Prix St Georges
PTS = Put To Sleep

QH = Quarter Horse

RA = Recommended Associate (Intelligent Horsemanship)
RI = Riding Instructor
RIP = Rest In Peace
RISH = Registered Irish Sport Horse
ROFL = Roll on Floor Laughing
RS = Riding School

SS = Side Saddle
SJ = Show Jumping
SO = Significant Other

TB = Thoroughbred
TBH = To Be Honest
TBPH = To Be Perfectly Honest
TDE = Three Day Event

WB = Warmblood
WHP = Working Hunter Pony
WPCS = Welsh Pony and Cob Society

X = Cross (eg. ArabX would mean Arab cross another breed)
XC = Cross Country
X-pole = Cross pole (a type of jump)

YM = Yard Manager
YO = Yard Owner
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