Absolutely shocked!



It was shocking that he had spurs if i were his horse i would have bucked him off. Hope no one has spurs tomorrow as none of them are ready to.:(


is this 'only fools on horses' show that celebrity showjumping thing that everyones talking about? i dont actually know what it is or heard of it apart from on NR. can someone explain?


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Jan 4, 2006
I only got the chance to watch the jump off and I was pretty disgusted.

It is not his fault, though. His trainer must have recommended them. He would have done what he was told probably not completely aware of the consequences. The lovely Tim Stockdale needs to take the rap for that one!!




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Jan 9, 2000
It's his arms and legs flapping what gets him over the fences. :D :D The horse has nowt to do with it!!!!!
Mind you Matt Baker sat tight last night - rather him than me. It looked even more dramatic on the replay.


previously rhiannon264
Dec 30, 2005
I think I can see the reasoning behind it but you'd think an experience trainer would never put spurs on such *exuberant* riders as if he'd had spurs in one of my lessons they would have been removed instantly. :mad: I did agree with the judge thought in that it appears that Isa may be getting a little tired.:(


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Feb 3, 2006
tasha said:
Interestingly I cant seem to put comments up either. Grr!!

Maybe they think 'oh no we have a load of riders complaining, lets not let them comment'.

Rhiannon: I know that your instructor would not let anyone wear spurs (i don't wear them anyway) but could you imagine if he had been wearing them on bacardi considering how hard i was being made to kick her (probably would have cut her sides), or if he had been wearing them on shrek or black mare he would probably of been on the floor. I can't believe i didn't notice them, how could i not have noticed them (clearly wasn't paying proper attention:eek: )


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Feb 20, 2005
tasha said:
Interestingly I cant seem to put comments up either. Grr!!
I couldn't, but found that if you click the yellow highlighted link to the left side that says "Your comments", it reloads the page and the link to add a comment then works. For some reason, just refreshing the page doesn't work.
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