advice for hacking alone


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Aug 29, 2008
south wales
My mare has been hacked out alone in the past and recently, i have always hacked out with my husband but as his loan mare has been returned to her owner it's just me again for a while, so i have to hack out alone, i am nervous of this as im not sure of what her reaction is going to be as when she is on her own she can be quite spooky and me being nervous as well is not going to help, but it has to be done and i want to be able to hack around the mountain with just her and my faithful pal my doberman.
Has anyone got any sound advice to help us both, and for me to overcome my nerves i am fine when with others.
but i really want to hack out on my own.

smokey jokey

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Jun 18, 2008
mark, somerset
always take a mobile phone. start off with short rides to build your confidence up together. if you have to go past any known spooky areas/objects try to make these be on your way home at 1st because they will always be more prepared to go past them then! i find my horse easier when we are alone, he tends to listen to me more:) good luck


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Feb 8, 2006
Herts/Essex border
can hubby cycle next to you?

Talk to yourself and give yourself a running commentry or sing to keep you breathing.

Think sensibly if your horse does spook, is it an allowable spook (a plastic bag flying towards you then realise its okay and move on, if not oooh scary twig then get angry. Your horse is spoiling your fun. Its hard learning to hack alone and you will have wobbles but you can do it.

Take a mobile and a rolled up lead rope. Also let someone know where you are going and for how long.

I hate hacking alone as I find it quite boring but do it because I have to most of the time



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Oct 16, 2007
Just take everything as it comes and remember if things really get that bad, you can always get off and lead her. Also talk to her alot, I don't stop talking to Lio until we're back through the gate, I swear people think I'm mad. That normally works for me.


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Dec 30, 2006
Take it slowly. Stick to short hack after schooling or lungeing to start with. Remember that solo hacks can last for 2 mins so start well within your comfort zone and increase how much you do as your comfort zone expands :)

Oh and have fun. Hacking solo is great for concentrating on your bond with your horse with nobody else as distractions. This is a great opportunity for you ;)


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Apr 17, 2008
I think having the dog along will help. Both my cowardy custards (which I ride one at a time so they do go out on their own) are much braver when they have their own personal wolf in front of them (their "wolf" is a 10 kg 8" high terrier!)


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Hacking alone is wonderful for strengthening the bond between you and your horse. You've got some good advice already re the phone and the leadrope; I would suggest that you remember you can get off and lead your horse at any time - SHE won't mind in the slightest! - and get back on when you are back in your comfort zone. So it might help to wear shoes or boots that are comfy to walk in, if you can or if you have safety stirrups of some sort.


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May 2, 2006
Hacking alone is brilliant if you start out with short, known and tested routes and always carry a mobile. Talk or sing to your horse if you get nervous, as Oldwoman says, clamber on and off as you feel inclined, take the odd photo, enjoy the view. Its special time for you and your horse.
I might just be odd of course, because I enjoy walking and cycling alone as well.;)


Aug 11, 2002
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My advice is to get of and walk if an explosion from horse looks iminent. I rode mine Sunday but the ride ended up being 1/2 hour walk interpersed with 1/2hr on pony as high winds =deranged pony = accident waiting to happen. I actually really enjoyed it as I also let him graze in hand whilst watching a bird of prey hunting on the hillside above me and I quite like a nice walk anyway. I spend most my life in client meetings, on the phone to clients, arguing about fees, dealing with my four year old son at home ect so I welcome to chance to get away from humans once in a while and just be with my neddie!


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Sep 29, 2007
Wonderful Wales
Keep breathing and talk to your mare plenty. Like others have said do start off with short solo trips in familiar areas. Maybe you could get someone to walk with you on the first one or two trips.

There is something great about going out alone together and doing your own thing:D.
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