Advice on hacking a new horse


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Oct 1, 2008
Another question :D

I hacked out my new horse that I am loaning on Saturday she was very nosey looking around but didnt feel like she was going to zoom off, we were only out for ten/fifteen minutes due to my nerves not being able to stand much more but had a lovely controlled trot and canter and I was singing under my breath lots to keep my body calm.

I am planning on taking her out again this weekend and going a bit further just very nice walk/trot and maybe a canter but I would like some advice really on how far to push her, she has been out of work for a while (3 years) so we are taking it nice and steady. She doesnt seem to like the school much and gets very bored (she was mainly used for driving) and I love hacking.

How can i keep her calm and and me calm, is it worth going with somebody else or just going on my own?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated? Or if anybody has any experiences/story's to tell I would love to hear.

Thanks :D


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Jan 10, 2008
Go in company with an older expirienced horse before you adventure on your own if your nervous

ideally be able to walk trot & possibly canter with this other horse


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Oct 1, 2008

Think I was just nervous as she is new, afterwards I could have kicked myself, will go out with my friend who has a very chilled tb who is a dreamboat xx

Thanks for the advice.


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Nov 24, 2003
Visit site
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All above was copied from the Bach Remedy site. I'm not sure of amount for horses as haven't actually used it on mine but there are people on here who have, and said that it works. I know it works with humans as daughter used it before exams and eventing!!


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Oct 2, 2007
Another way if you have no one to go out with is to walk in hand over the routes. When I broke in my App we did this for weeks and he was as good as gold, used to all the sites and sounds when we came to ride.
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