Albion saddles


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Jan 31, 2008
Did I imagine this or was there a recent thread about saddles? Anyone have an opinion about the Albion K2 VSD? If you jump, are you better going for a regular GP? Does the straight cut of VSD interfere much when jumping? Cheers chaps.


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Mar 7, 2008
Hiya, If your serious about jumping a jumping saddle is a must, as the knee rolls really do make a difference. However if you only want one saddle, and you do want to do dressage, showing and all general activites a VSD is great. I had a VSD for doing unaffiliated competitions although when I started jumping 3'6''+ you need a jumping saddle. I do love the Albion jumping saddles, and have competed horses in them. Although for my horse I have an Albion dressage saddle and stubben show jumping saddle. The next saddle I buy would probably be an albion jumping saddle. Hope this helps.

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Sep 14, 2006
I've been jumping a horse in a regular K2 GP & I used to have one for my old cob. They are OK for jumping, about as good as I've tried GP-wise, but I've just started using a 'proper' close-contact sj saddle on the horse I compete & I've bought an event saddle for my horse. They make a huge difference! I did a pre-novice event in a GP so you can jump a decent fence in them, but to an extent you are arguing with the saddle because it's trying not to let your lower leg go forward into a really secure position. If you're not going to be jumping very seriously I suspect that you'll be fine in a GP or VSD (I've been jumping my horse in a straight-cut working hunter saddle up to recently & it's felt no different to the GP) but if jumping is going to figure large in your horsey life, I'd go for a 'proper' jumping saddle & a 'proper' dressage saddle.


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Jan 31, 2008
Thanks both - really useful.

I do quite a bit of jumping, although not seriously - very rarely jumping more than 3ft 6. I can't afford a dedicated dressage and a dedicated jumping saddle, so from what you've said I reckon for my purpose a VSD is probably a good compromise.


i have an albion k2, they are lovely saddles, but i find the knee rolls can almost be to resticting, in all honesty they are very overpriced, largely because they are hand made.

a friend of mine has just had a made to measure saddle made for 1000, albions are over 1200 new.

for my mare i bought an Saintlourdes Modena (sp) close contact gp, lovely saddle and a fraction of the cost. i really wouldnt spend the money on an albion.


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Dec 31, 2003
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I regularly jump in a straight cut albion.

No higher than 2ft 9 though.

It is a fantastic saddle for hacking & dressage, you should see my position...!!

Hopefully it won't look out of place in the WH classes this summer too :)


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Mar 7, 2008
Due to rising fuel costs and inflation all saddle prices have rocketed. I was shocked when our saddler came out at Christmas to fit one of our horses with a new saddle. Four years ago I paid £700 for my Albion dressage saddle (brand new) and now it would cost me £1200 to £1300
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