Alf's First Outing 2009


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Jan 14, 2009
I took Alfie (2yold colt) along to a local but very busy show. The first time he's gone out knowing what mares are!! (& 3rd ever show)

Other than being a bit sharp & loud, he was super!

Big classes, so lots of waiting in line up so all good experience!! 2nd in youngstock behind a big coloured warmblood type, and 3rd in M&M behind 2 mature Sec D's

VERY pleased with my boy!! I got so many comments about him, & his tail!!

(Excuse my scruffyness - it was boiling & my jacket is now too big for me so opted for tshirt haha!! need a new jacket now)




It's years away yet, but i can't wait for the first Alfie foal!!


loves her hosses x
Dec 22, 2008
Beautiful boy but - HOW DO YOU KEEP HIM SO IMMACULATE?????

My rising 3 year old fights all day long and looks like he's been wrestling with a cheese grater!!! He's covered in marks!! :rolleyes:

What's your secret?


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Jan 14, 2009
I'm not sure!!
He lives with my rig, so they are constantly play fighting too!! But neither of them have marks on them.

I'd be terribly upset if he did though, i'm rather fussy on pony turnout (maybe should be more fussy on my own!)


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Nov 13, 2007
He's a strapping chap - hasn't he matured!! He's going to be a corker :D

Well done on the results too!
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