Amazing weekend at Olympia!


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Set off at 4am Friday morning for an early flight to Olympia :biggrin:

Guesthouse let us leave our bags so we could make the short walk to Olympia and start shopping :giggle: we got there about 11 and had a quick bite to eat as all starving then had look around shops before getting our seats for afternoon performance.

Was absolutely amazing, we saw the under 23 showjumping first, wow such amazing young talent including a fantastic 14 year old. Then we had some champagne as had got member badges with tickets and sipped that while watching the Andalusian horses. The shetland pony grand national was the cutest thing ever! The Christmas Cracker International ShowJumping was brilliant, loved every minute of it. The finale was really good there were draft horses (I think) pulling carriages and people riding sidesaddle and so much going on!

After we did some shopping was really busy! We went back to guesthouse to freshen up and get some dinner and couple drinks and were in bed asleep by half eleven. It had been a long but super day!

The next morning after a lovely breakfast and much needed coffee we went back to Olympia and got shopping tickets and was much easier to shop as not quite as busy and stock had been replenshied :giggle:

On our way out we saw Ben Maher! which was cool, we didn't talk to him but was cool to see him :biggrin:

Then we headed back to guesthouse to grab our bags and started out journey back to Dublin. All went smoothly but Stansted was so so busy.

Got home last night about 9 and just to add to the excitement my heating and lighting in sitting room went because of what turned out to be a faulty downlight fitting which wires were completely wrecked so had electrician out at 8am to fix!

Did some good shopping too!

Cyrus got:

Bling browband (brown leather with three diamante rows and middle row blue sparkles)

Personalised red saddle pad with his name on in navy

Likit Cinnamon and Apple Treats

A tail bag

I got:

Joules check shirt

Joules stripy soft socks

Navy jumper with horse silohoutte jumping on it in a cool design of patchwork pics

Christmas cards with appaloosa horses that looked very like Cyrus

Schooling whip with Zebra and bling handle, was funny bringing that through security, the guy was cracking up about why I had a whip :giggle: And managed to sneak it on Ryanair flight :redface:

Had a great weekend, now back to all the housework and stuff should have done before I went away :giggle:

Can't wait to go up to Cyrus in morning, so missed him this weekend and was supposed to go today but had to stay in for electrician.


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Apr 5, 2002
South Yorkshire
I'd love to go one year but it's not possible to get any time off work around Christmas as we get so busy.

I've been watching various classes on t.v. and the coverage has been rather good. Charlotte and Valegro's record breaking freestyle to music was just awesome to watch!!

Currently just finished watching the Andalusian horses, they were lovely to watch. They are now setting up for the pairs relay which should be fun!


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Sounds great! Lucky Cyrus getting all that gear!!!

He is so spoilt :giggle:

Was great to see him today, just did a bit of free schooling in his Christmas Headcollar, here is a pic of him after




Gimpy Gimp Gimp
Jan 19, 2005
SOunds great, So jealous !!

He looks very cute in his festive headcollar !

Hmmm Champagne !!! jammy!!!a:)
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