Angel.... Rolly snowy fun!


New Member
Feb 27, 2008
Sunny Bedfordshire
Just thought I would share some piccies of my Angel rolling in the snow! I hope all of your horses had as much fun as she did.

Whilst I am hear I might as well introduce myself as a newish New Rider Member! :D So Hellooooooo everyone. I have my own horse Angel, who can sometimes be a 'devil' in disguise but i love her to pieces still! I have been riding for about 16 years and I can honestly say nothing is better then tacking up and going for a nice long hack!

Hope you like my pics.

I did NOT roll in the shavings honest...


Ohhhh Snow...







And just one of my poor pup with her plaster cast!


Thank you for looking! Lucy xx (& Angel of course)!

PS sorry they are landscape instead of portraight, this is something for me to work on!


¢αššισρєιя...му ρяιи¢єšš
Nov 23, 2006
hmm. . . .
*cheesy i no but* shes making a snow angel :D
sorry lol...ill shut up now.

shes gorgeous.

and awh what did the doggy do? =[


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Feb 27, 2008
Sunny Bedfordshire
She always comes in looking like she has done forward rolls think she is trying to fill in her star!

aww thanks Jenni - i never thought of it like that! a snow angel what a good idea!

Darcey (the dog) she was bon with bowed legs :-( poor pup, had to have her knee caps 'transplanted' had 1 leg done just b4 xmas and had her other leg done a wk ago. She is a year old next week. Poor thing!
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