Another great canter lesson but exhausting!


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Jan 27, 2007
Auckland, New Zealand
Well second time at the new riding school on grogeous Ace. Its only a 30min lesson here so they crack right into it. Afer a couple of laps of trot and some poles/cones were were into canter and boy did the instructor push me but she was great:)

Did lots of figure 8's where I cantered the circle then back to trot for a few strides in the diagonal and then change the rein comin back into the circle to complete and then repeat again! So much to think about with legs and hands and balance! At this point I was still holding my outside had to the D ring strap for security so it felt a bit muddled changing over legs and hands when trying to change the rein and give aid from trot to canter. So lucky Ace is such a responsive horse.

My instructor really worked on my legs yesterday trying to get them wrapped around the horse more (ooh the hip flexors are aching today!) Also in canter my feet tend to point down! So tried to work on that also.

Then I tried lots of canter without holding onto the strap - yes a bit more bouncy! The RI got me to point my fingers together and aim them towards a piece of mane whilst in canter - intially felt scary but actually made me more balanced! Supposed to help you hands move with the canter more or something like that!

So next week its canter without stirrups on the lunge:eek: Watch out for my post next week when I bet you it is "My first fall!"

On Friday I am back at my current RS which I haven't been to for 2 weeks so it will be good to compare the different horses. As Ace has a nice smooth canter at one pace whereas Suzie tanks offf!
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Feb 11, 2007
So next week its canter without stirrups on the lunge:eek: Watch out for my post next week when I bet you it is "My first fall!"

aww no! sounds like you have been making great progress with canter!! and its useful to read all the tips your instructor gave you as they will prob help me when i'm on a horse i can get to canter!! well done! :D


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Mar 5, 2007
Queensland, Australia
So next week its canter without stirrups on the lunge:eek: Watch out for my post next week when I bet you it is "My first fall!"

Don't worry Kiwigirl, you'll do great. And if you do fall off remember, Jump straight back on! I know it's hard to do, because I've experienced it. Fell off at a canter Bareback one time (Horse tripped), have only ridden bareback, 3 to 5 times sinces only 2 times have I cantered! Nerves are still shatttered, though I am trying to work on that. BTW I did jump straight back on, mind you. I am not scared when i'm on him, just it's when I think of riding Bareback, I should do it more so that I fix my nerves :D . But Any way you'll do great.


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Oct 30, 2006
Brisbane Queensland
It sounds like you had a great lesson. I think you will be fine next week in your lesson. in my lessons at the moment i am working on my diaganals across the comp arena. I have only been riding in a 20 x 40 indoor arena until now. but it is getting there though. i have trouble with doing them across the arena like that since i have trouble seeing where i am going. but my 20 m circles are really good now. so good luck with your lesson and let us know how you go :D


Mar 5, 2007
well done on your lesson! sounds like you really were pushed!
i did some work on the lunge in canter last week (you might have seen the post) it's great! it really makes you focus on your position instead of what you're doing with the horse!


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Apr 14, 2005
Sounds like a super lesson. So nice to have a kind responsive horse!
I have only ever managed one canter without stirrups since restarting riding, so yuo are fdonig great and will do great.
Keep sitting up and breath! :)
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