another pony TV thing... One Show


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Jan 15, 2010
@Wally following on from your thread the other day about the people swimming the horses on countryfile for the sake of ‘tv’, you’ll have no doubt seen whats on the One Show tonight?
On your thread I mentioned a previous episode where emma massingale took 2 unhandled highlands across the Highlands and backed them enroute. Everything Ive read is full of positivity and I do love the liberty work she does BUT to me it was an unacceptable risk to turn 2 ponies loose, in the dark at night in the middle of the Cairngorms :( They didn't even have trackers on! Oh yes it was all good and well that she found them close to camp in the end but so many things could have gone wrong. Everyone was amazed at how she was riding one of them bareback in a rope halter by the end. The majority of young highlands I know , even those that have had minimal handling, are the types you could clamber aboard and sit quietly on with very minimal input. (Brook excepted lol but thats what I thought I would get when I bought her).

So, tonight, she is taking 2 shetland ponies up to the Shetland Isles on a small motor boat, camps with them and tuns them loose with a herd up there. Wally Im guessing you must know about this? Nothing stays quiet in your neck of the woods.. will I be smiling at the TV this time? I have to admit Im already wondering why you would turn your ponies out with an established herd. Looking forward to seeing it !


Oct 31, 2016
She definitely won't be bringing them all the way up here in a small motor boat but from what I've read about it she does take them on a small boat at one point. I'll reserve judgement until I've watched it, but I heard it was her bringing her own ponies up to find out what shetland ponies would've been doing in the old days and trying to do it with said ponies. Never heard of her before though :confused:


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Apr 16, 2000
I have put ponies in a Voe boat and moved them to Islands. BUt that was go get them to their home.

I am not sure how Animal health would view her bringing Shetland ponies all the way up from Aberdeen in a small boat. It takes 14 hours on the big one!
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