Anti cast roller?!


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Oct 13, 2004
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Hi there, can anybody explain to me why a horse would need an anti cast roller? How does it work? Why do they get cast? Does this mean they get stuck? Is it harmful / distressing for the horse? Is it a problem? Sorry for all the questions but I really need to know! Thanks
the rounded part would inhibit them being able to roll over, which is often how they manage to get cast in a stable as they roll into the wall.

having said that, I've never known a horse to need one.
When a horse gets cast, they get stuck and can't get up again, which (if they panic) can injure them by all their thrashing about trying to get up again. They can go into shock or exhaustion if their thrashing around getting nowhere. Less panicky horses can normally be rolled over without many problems, providing your careful. I don't really know why they get cast, I guess its them rolling in their stable when its too small or their too close to the walls.

As I understand, anti-cast rollers give them more leverage to roll themselves over again and become uncast. They'd need one if theye were 'recurrent' casters. It can be dangerous for not only the horse but the owner as well, because if your horse is thrashing around he could catch you in his panic and do some serious damage.

One cure is to turn them out, and not stable them as some horses can't cope with enclosed spaces as well as others. Also, banking the bedding around the sides of the stable walls helps prevent them becoming cast.
i'm in agreement with tasha, all the horses i've known to wear one didn't find it much help. what i think is a great idea is a ridged strip of hard rubber you attatch at a given height around the wall of the stable, gives the horse some leverage should it get cast
They don't work, what they do do though is prevent the horse from getting himself back if he does get cast.

I have watched horses roll with them and with plenty of room they roll straight over the top of them. Then when they are in a confined space it stops them rolling back again.

I don't think they are woth the money.

Banking bedding has about as much effect as a chocolate teapot too. But the BHS still seem to demand it. Tell me, how is a nbank of squashy straw supposed to stop a one tonne horse???? :rolleyes:
Roller again

Hmm, older horse am going to see tonight has one - apparently its included in theprice along with the tack! Is this getting cast a bad thing then?! sounds a bit stressful for the horse! :eek:
it is a bad thing coz they get stuck on their back! my friends horse injured his legs lashing out at the walls when he got cast. i'd definately ask the owner if he has a history of getting cast. i know some people who use anti-cast rollers and their horses has never been cast in their lives!!
My old horse used to get cast a lot, silly old fool, but he was the calm type who would look embarassed and let you roll him back without thrashing.

The bigger the horse the worse the problem and the less likely an anti case roller is to work.

I have seen a big horse kick the wooden stables off the foundations while cast.