Anxiety about riding my horse


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Apr 10, 2019
I've had my boy for around a year now. He's 12 and a super sweet boy but he's definitely not always been this way. When I first got him he was an angel then one day I got to the barn and he was a whole different horse. He would bolt, balk, rear, kick, bite, and even kicked me in the head. I've been working very hard on correcting his behavior and have made leaps on bounds....but I am still nervous about getting on him. I ride him almost every day since he does best on a consistent schedule. He hasn't pulled any of those dangerous behaviors in the last two months but even if he shakes his head the slightest I freak out. I just get flashbacks of him totally dumping me into barrels and to him kicking me in the head. I really want to get over it and not be afraid of my horse but my confidence is pretty low right now. If anyone has some advice I'd love it.

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
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Do you have a riding instructor. They will be able to help with addressing some of your confidence issues. Perhaps you would benefit from doing some groundwork bonding sessions. Do you know what caused the behaviour changes.