Anyone else's horse feeling 'bright' or just mine?


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Aug 5, 2001
North East England
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Flora is usually a lovely laid back sort, but yesterday she was generally tense and bright. After a little while of being like this, she took offence at something and ran off like a train round the school - I couldn't pull her up, so it was a case of staying with her until she got it out of her system :rolleyes: She was still a bit tense today.

Maybe she's coming into season - she is usually fine with that, but there has been the odd time that she's been out of sorts. Or is it something in the air?

Anyone else have an uncharacteristically bright horse at the moment?

Jakes Mum

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Mar 31, 2003
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Jake has a new lease of life at the moment, he can't be ridden so can't comment under saddle but leading him up from the field he is very giddy, trotting all the way, squealing and shaking his head, he is normally a dope on a rope but this last week he has a spring in his step. I just put it down to him being hungry and with the weather having gone a bit colder.


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Oct 20, 2005
I think it's the change in the weather -- Fluke was sweet as pie when it was warm, but he was a complete b*****r today!


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Oct 24, 2005
I think it's to do with the weather aswell, it's such an extreme change, they are probably feeling less sleepy-eyed now that's it's so much cooler, plus the wind inbetween their ears probably isn't helping matters :rolleyes:


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Oct 5, 2003
kent England
Spike always becomes a much livelier horse when the sun disappears.Yesterday he was so naughty on our hack bouncing around and threatening to bomb off because of a scary shetland pony in a field that some people in nearby houses rang our yard to say that a rider was having problems and today was just as bad.He thought every single road sign was a monster out to eat him that just had to be spooked at as we got level with it.
I guess he was just extra fresh due to having been in for a few days after loosing half his foot along with his shoe.Fortunately my farrier managed to repair his foot and reshoe him so now he is making up for all that time stuck indoors by being ultra lively.Mind you he went out in the field today regardless of the rain as if I leave him in any longer I think we may just end up parting company next time we go out.


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Aug 27, 2002
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Fatso seems to have decided it's time to wake up today. We went on a long ride with a few nice long grassy canter tracks and on the second one she remembered what she's meant to do there and really went for it without waiting to be asked, then acted like idiot pony with no brakes until we were back on the road again, even bombed down one downhill track that we don't normally canter on. Great fun :D The idiot drama queen behaviour from both horses for most of the ride was a bit less fun though!
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