Anyone used one of these for hacking?


Toffee - Spotted Hotshot
Feb 27, 2015
North East, UK

I am so fed up of spending my hacks with my hands raw from Toffee flinging his head every time a fly lands on him. I know it's flies because a.) I can see them around his nose, ears and around my face b.) He doesn't do it in winter c.) his naughtiness on hacks consists of him going behind the bit and trying to power along at top speeds, he is not and never has been a head shaker. This is really stressing us both out, he is clearly very uncomfortable with the fly situation and if I don't hold the reins with a substantial amount of grip - which I really don't want to do! - then he rips them out my hands. Not great when you're casually walking down a steep bank and he suddenly has some sort of fit and you have no reins. He's got barely any neck either (Yes, I know, my fault for choosing a native type pony lol) so if the worst happens, I'm on the floor.

I was worried that it would impair vision but the few people I've spoken to don't seem to think that this will be the case at all since it's designed for riding. The only issue I have is the whole high vis - it not being - thing but then I guess if I high vis everything else up I should be ok...... thoughts?


Cantering cabbage!
May 18, 2009
Give it a try, as you said they are designed for riding and if it works, great. Never used one before as we generally hack very early in the mornings and just manage with a ear bonnet. What have you go to lose?
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Dec 21, 2003
At our yard the hacking horses get sprayed with repellent - have even re-sprayed half way through a hack. But agree that if the staff run out of repellent or forget, it is very hard on the horse. However not just the head - One horse I rode for a time would shiver his flanks to rid himself of midges. That quite frightened me as it passed through my body and shook my hands too. But if you protect his eyes and ears, the midges and flies may just change their route and opt for under the tummy and genitals.
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Flipo's Mum

Heavy owner of a Heavy
Aug 17, 2009
Perthshire, Scotland
Yep I use one of those and it's fab! My lad gets really itchy ears in summer from the flies and this works wonders out on hacks. Flipo is a draft and trying to get a fly veil to fit that he doesn't shake off half way round was impossible with his big ears and a tiny bit of string! I got a cashel set of ears aswell but I prefer this as it's Velcro under his chin so stays put. He has no trouble with vision in it, maybe at dusk it's not so great but he's used to wearing his cashel field fly mask all the time so doesn't bother.
I cut the nose bit off as flipo hated it on his whiskers but otherwise damn good investment and totally worth the price tag!


Feb 9, 2011
My loan horse started head shaking at the end of last year. My instructor advised a nose net and it's made a massive difference. We also use a ear bonnet.
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