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Dec 1, 2017
to hate winter!!!! (Or any other weather than sunshine!) went for a hack today, when we left it was sunny about 3 miles out started throwing it down, was pointless turning back as quicker to carry on (u go round and it takes u back) made the already muddy tracks even worse but i cant keep avoiding working him because soon as the spring grass comes he will start piling weight on again! So ive braved the cold.... When we got back my tack was filthy! My white cob is no longer white, luckily the too of him was dry so could brush msot dirt off and rug him again.... His legs however!!!! And then.... He decided to roll so his rug matched his legs... Camouflage he tells me!

pleaseeeeeno more rain or snow for anyone!!! Just some sunshine so our fields can dry


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Oct 13, 2004
On an island
I am getting to the far end with it too. The yard is muddy, the fields are muddy, our house is muddy!!! Argh. If only it would just be dry for a few days instead of keep raining.....
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Apr 23, 2009
It's awful isn't it? Rained all day here too. At least PRJ appears to be actually standing on top of the land - we have nothing solid enough for a horse to stand on without sinking (or swimming :eek: ) There are now ducks on the water in the top field and all the fence posts are rotting from sitting in the water. I've never seen it like this, there's never been a pond in the field before!
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Dec 1, 2017
Rained all day here again :( even my dogs look fed up! (They are big on being forced out to pee in the rain)

@Bodshi there are parts that are 4/5 inches in water and all around where his water is, is basically sinking mud now, majority of the field almost sucks your boots off

i think everyone is fed up with the wet not so much the cold just the constant wet and mud :(
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