Back on Track


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
With my Christmas money I brought Jess some Back On Track over reach boots. I have a couple of friends who rave about their stuff and saw a couple of vets recommending them for assisting healing so decided to give them a crack.

Jess' front feet are often very slightly warm, her soles are still a little on the thin side and she still wears boots for most riding. Being super critical she does suffer with low grade thrush when ever its wet and does have mild rippling on the walls of her feet still, though her feet look way better than many you see.

The first thing I noticed the morning after putting the boots on (I've been using them 24/7 in the field) was her feet were a very normal cold apart from 1 bit on her RF where she had a little injury at the coronet a few months ago, by the next day even that area was cold. She's now had them for 2 weeks, I put them on as long as it isn't piddling down. I have noticed the new growth at the top of the wall looks different, though I did run out of her balancer before Xmas so this could also be from that, I will continue to monitor when she is back on it. We went out last weekend for 45 minutes without her boots, we did some road work, including a little cobblestone patch, and through the forest, she felt good, no potteryness or lameness. We have done that over the past year occasionally but generally it resulted in subtle changes the following day, this time there were no changes. She has been titting about in the field a lot, something she hasn't been prone to since she first went off lame, again possibly unrelated but still nice to see and possibly her feeling better.

The boots themselves seem to be well made, and for 2 weeks of turnout use barely look used. The inside is fabric, which is why I haven't been using them wen it's wet, though I am sure they would dry just fine.