Back to normal ....


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Dec 11, 2009
North East Linconshire
Well, normality resumes .......

The lil mare went on friday as you know, and the other TB has gone to be used in a riding school. So i know he`ll be ok.

So things are back to normal, just Coby, Dixie and me. I`ve spent hours up there today, just pottering, cleaning, sorting, grooming (though why i bother with my 2 mud monsters i don`t know) :giggle:

The farrier came, and Doodle bug was just a little star. So proud of her. For those who don`t know, when i first got her she was head shy, couldn`t be caught, overgrown hooves, and you couldn`t get near her feet ... and as for having a farrier to her, no chance !!!

But just look at my girlie today, she let me clean, brush and scrub her feathers and feet ... and stood like an angel for the farrier :angel:



And of course my Coby was done too ... but he was a good boy as always :happy:



I then turned them onto the last field we have, that has some grass left on it, well they deserved it after being so good ... They tootled off for a graze ... but it makes me smile, even with a field full of grass, only minutes after being turned out, my boy still comes to say hello and give me kisses ....... :





Here`s a couple of Dixie ... mudless and looking pretty ... though not for long i`m sure !!



I tried to take a few more pics ... but i couldn`t get away ... they kept following me:



lol ....

Time fer my close up mum


I love my ponies ... :inlove:


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Dec 11, 2011
Lovely lovely pics :) your gang are gorgeous!
Also, I like how you snook your new car in a few pics, show off :p xx
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