Birthday Cake aka *Marley*


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Jun 1, 2009
Well I thought I would start a diary about Marley to monitor his progress.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, I ended up with Marley after I had to have my beautiful Sully PTS.

Although I do spend a lot of time comparing the two, in reality Marley is totally different, both in temperament and looks and I have to say I have found it hard to bond with Marley due to my loss.

Anyway, Marley arrived and it soon became clear he hadn't been handled much and had no respect for anyone's space, he was bargy and just wanted to push you around with his head, he hated standing still for longer than 5 secs and became a bit of an escape artist. He has jumped out of his stable and escaped from his field more times than I would like to mention. I was literally at my wits end and thinking of rehoming him because having to cope with the loss of something perfect and deal with a naughty youngster was taking its toll :help:

BUT I have stuck with him and two months later with lots of in hand work and teaching of boundaries we seem to be making some progress.....he now stays in his stable, he seems to staying in his field *touch wood*, he ties up without impatience, he loves a good groom and scratch, he walks out in hand for long walks with friends and he is an angel to clip :angel: He seemed to have some sort of mite infestation so he was given a jab on tuesday to kill any beasties and i've had to clip his feathers off, plus his coat including his face as he was just so itchy. I have put pig oil and sulphur on his mane and legs to catch any hatchers! :devil:

TBH he just wants to be everyones' friend and is such a character or dude as my friend likes to call him :tongue: I would like to think our future is bright and we can bond in time.....oh and he has grown .1 of a hand, due to his very poor start I think this may have hindered his growth slightly but time will tell :smile:

The main thing we are working on is his obsession with lying down, as i don't want this to happen under saddle when the time comes....

Anyway some piccies to keep you entertained...

When i went to see him

When he arrived at my yard and was let out whilst i mucked out (he was waiting to be gelded :smile:

Him at about 5 weeks with me and gelded....

And him today, featherless although I will be letting these grow back as I hope to show him next year...

And can't forget Blazey

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Jul 31, 2005
Oh he's lovely, Innocence. My subs had run out when you lost Sully, so I just want to add my very late condolences.... he looked a very special boy.

How old is Marley?


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Jun 1, 2009
Thanks Jane.

Marley has just turned 2yrs so will be a while yet before I start breaking him, just doing ground work and working on manners at the mo.

Forgot to add a pic of his favourite position....

he was totally flat out and only sat up when he heard me coming :giggle:


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Mar 15, 2008
I have to confess that there was only two months between Jack and my new cob, I struggled to bond with her because I was as shut down as she was.
I also felt like you, i had lost something perfect, actually forgetting that Jack was semi wild and I still have the notice from the police to please remove him from so and so garden, Again!

I also wondered if I had bitten off more than my capabilities, but I am learning that's called new owner worry syndrome. :smile: Everyone has it.

Market is super and I look forward to more photos, progress, good times and fun. :wavespin:
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