Bitting - very frustrated! What to do next.


The Friesian
Sep 12, 2004
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I hear what you are saying Yann and do agree with what you are saying but I don't think that I am being inconsistent, I am very consistent on reprimanding him for biting:), the reprimand is an immediate respond to his biting or attmepting to bite. He likes to come in for a cuddle but is not allowed to, the only time I 'cuddle' him is if I initiate the cuddle, i am teaching him that everything is done on MY terms not his:D If he comes into my space he is asked to back up and stand at a respectful distance, he will of course try it on but everytime I back him up and he does not get any attention for a few miniutes at least, other than a good boy for backing up, do you think that may be I should leave it longer than a few miniutes. He also gets a firm no when he rubs his lips against me, I work on the theory of not putting myself in the line of temptation:) When he gets visitors (and he gets many:rolleyes: ) I have a strict rule about feeding him treats, he gets his carrots in his feed.

I once read somewhere that it is a good thing to be able to wrap your arms around a horses neck, apparently a way of helping a horse trust you, again not sure how true this is but it is a special moment when I 'hug' him.

Having said all this he has been a good boy over the last few days and has not attempted to bite at all, lets hope it lasts:)