Boys will be boys but sheesh


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I got back from my ride and noted Hank was a bit sweaty but not too bad, then saw Dan was also a bit hot, started thinking is he now joining in before correcting myself, more likely Hank was running him about in frustration. Next thing Dan canters into Hank from behind, and takes a huge chunk off fluff out of his neck :eek: the little one is getting braver!
Get round to the barn to untack and when I was done notice Hank stood with his bum tucked under him, meh, he's been titting about so not worrying. Went to my friends for a cuppa and when I got back he's still stood funny :confused: called him over and he's lame behind :( still willing to walk and no swelling or cuts or reaction to poking so hoping just an oiked muscle, so half a bute in his tea and hopefully he'll be back on form by morning. Poor sucker but boys will be boys after all.


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May 18, 2009
Ooh no, poor wee man, hope he's back to himself soon, sending lots of feel better vibes.