Brave puppy - yes equine related


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Jan 9, 2000
I sometimes take my young dog out with me hacking. She’s on a lead rope so perfectly legal. As a young pup lady frightened herself with a river so has been understandably not keen. She jumped in after our other dog and didn’t realise the depth. Saturday I tried again with a river crossing. Gave her time and could have used the bridge if needed. She took it slowly, plucked up her courage , and she did it. Kansas, pony, was as good as gold, reverse gear in a river, certainly mum. One very wet dog but I was so chuffed with them both.
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chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
113 la land
I take my collie out with me hacking she loves it. She lays outside my tack up area and as soon as I go to the mounting block she starts bouncing and leaping about. Once hacking she just runs along either infront or behind. I used to take my other Jack Russell x but shes getting too old and spends too much time wanting to sniff which spoils the ride. She stops infront of the horse and nearly gets trampled. No common sense.
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