Bridle to fit 14.2hh - pony or cob size????


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Hi, I have had a look on ebay and there are some nice bridles. I am currently looking into getting Gypsy a new bridle as hers is in good condition but isnt really the best fit as the buckles are all on the top holes. Plus i would like to get her a new one.

So I am thinking that her current bridle is COB size, so i think Pony size would be a better fit for her.
What do you think? Shes a 14.2hh cob x but her actual head isnt too chunky, heres some pictures.

Your opinions would be very much appreciated!!!



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ok thanks :)

I am planning to get her a nice good quality bridle with a pretty browband


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Feb 26, 2007
Depends on the make - we usually buy cob size for our 14.2, but Lemetex, for example, come up HUGE. Prob best to buy both sizes then try on at your leisure- most tackshops will allow you to return stuff :)


Maybe try both and then take one back as our full up 14.2hh gets pony size bridles (he's part bred arab) but our old 14.2 got cob.


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Dec 30, 2006
My 15hh Welsh D is in a cob but on the smallest hole. Can you not ask the seller a question about the measurements to the shortest holes?
If you have a bridlde measure that. If you buy Jeffries or Sabre you can tailor make your bridle to suit yourself which we do with Kizzy the 16hh cob as her nrowband is over-size and the rest full.

My 14'2 Newie /arab and Jazzmyn 14'3 arab both are cob size.

I would say looking at yout lovely horse thought that most cob sizes would fit.
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