Bridleway and Rights-of-Way help and info


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May 16, 2008
I've got a heap of knowledge about rights-of-way, bridleway issues and how to get them resolved, as well as some pro-forma letters and step-by-step procedures for effectively contacting the authorities about right-of-way problems.

I'd be happy to offer help and guidance through the legal and local authority maze to anyone who has queries or who wants to get active re bridleway/access issues in their area.

Note that I am NOT a professional, and have NO legal training (just a heap of knowledge garnered over many years!) and there are no guarantees that my advice will work - but it has proved helpful and effective to others when they have used it with politeness, patience and persistence.

Perhaps the mods might want to make this a sticky if they think it's warranted?
The step-by-step procedures and pro-forma letters (that are tried and tested - successfully!) are too long to post here, and in any case, the 'steps' vary according to what the problem is.

If anyone wants them, please PM me with an email address so I can send the right ones to you.

Be warned, though - there is rarely an easy or quick solution, and as Clava says so well, you need to have the mindset of a terrier - dogged persistence.
Near me the Forrestry Commission has planted a broad-leaved woodland - the trees are still very young, about 3-4 feet high. Through this, they have mowed a broad path, in places about 20 feet wide. It's a beautiful place to hack, taking in a pond I never knew existed with little waterfalls.

However, further along the path narrows and hugs a stone wall, which eventually becomes fenced with a high deer fence. Across the track they have installed as metal gate the same height as the deer fence, which is padlocked, and a metal kissing gate the same height as the deer fence. Now, I struggled to get through the kissing gate on foot and I'm 7 stone soaking wet! With a rucksack, no chance!

Anyway, my query is whether I have a right to ride along this track and through the gate to continue on said track. Whether my horse will co-operate, however, is a different matter! I have no intention of leaving the track, given that the surrounding ground is uneven, deeply furrowed and boggy and so I can't damage any of the saplings at all.

I'm in Scotland, by the way.
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dangerous bridleway my horse sank up to top of his hind legs

hi on a ride today on public bridleway my horse sank in a field, at 15hh he isnt small, he panicked and had i not been with a friend and experienced i never would of got him out safely, there is no warning, he just sank, someone is going to have a serious accident but not sure who i contact?
I have rung my local council today re moving the entrance of a Bridleway, which is totally blind to drivers until the are on top of it.

Spoke to a lady on the phone who will pass my details on, I will have been given a reference number and must ring back in 5 days and they will let me know, I know the answer is going to be a no no so I'm sure I shall be bending you ear soon Liz 1949:)
ummm great minds !!!
I bought a os Explorer map today to plan some hacks and days out to !!
I have had a quick look and alot of the "bridle ways" start or finish on farmers property. Has anyone had any problem with farmers or landowners disputing access to a bridle way ?

I was thinking or walking or cycling the routes before i ride them and maybe tryingto speak to any landowners or farmers i may come accross. i will not be straying off the track - not intentionally anyways.

I am looking for hacks and tracks in the Launceston Holsworthy oz Explorer area id anyone has any suggested routes or fancies a a few hours out trying to find said bridleways and then meeting to ride them with 4 legged companions would love to hear from you. Thank you K x
Liz, where are you based? I've just rejoined this forum after years away, but I've just taken on the role as BHS Avon District Bridleways Officer, so any examples you have would be really useful to me and stop me from re-inventing the wheel! I've already got a heft amount of knowlege about who to go to / public enquiries and the DMMO process, but haven't got any examples or pro-forma's at the moment,


I just came across this BHS leaflet and thought it might be useful and it reminded me to again contact the county council Highways dept. about that path I rode a couple of weeks ago alongside the rivers, they now have a work order in to remove the concrete steps (its only take 18 months) and I have advised them of all the other issues along there, fingers crossed we will have a nice path to use soon :D difficult to use bridleways and byways.ashx