Broke my finger (but had great lesson)


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Have been getting on well with Gift. She is lovely but green but brave and willing too :D

So Tuesday was having flat lesson and doing some pole work.

Unfortuntely she stumbled over pole and did bit of sand nose dive as she tried to balance off me so I went over the handlebars as was not sitting up enough either. She pretty much got out of my way to avoid stepping on me and then looked at me with her extra kind eyes :rolleyes:

Little finger on left was sore and bit of odd angle but thought was ok, and I was sandy but got back up and was really good end of lesson getting her to not lean in canter or break to trot.

Was only when took gloves off after so was swollen on that side of hand and weird angle. eld in some really cold water after looking after Gift. Got home and after my mum saw was like hmmm I think you need to get that checked out! So went to A+E who were brilliant. Got there about 8:15pm was seen by triage around 20mins later who brought me to the zone for similar level things I think. Dr came out after a minute took one look and was like 'you're going for an x-ray' so got x ray and then after dr ad finished treating someone else and gone over my xrays brought me in and was bad fracture of little finger. He tried to reduce but it kept popping back so they called orthopedics and was seen by someone from there within half hr. They decided on surgery following morning so could go home for night with it buddy taped.

Yesterday morning was in hospital for 7 then was couple hrs til day admission complete, met my surgeon who is excellent. He would fix fracture in place with 2 wires.

The only non fun part was bloods as though I am welI used to them being done the intern dr had to do them and poor love was finding it a bit tricky so had to go in twice in diff place in arm as blood stopped flowing. Unfortunately if tourniqet thing on too long I tend to faint which I did. The nurses and dr were lovely and one nurse especially ws just so sweet and caring and really minded me. I was lucky and got call up for theatre around 10/10:30am and met anesthetists. After while was brought into induction room I got some stuff in cannula and pain killers. Next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery room and it was just like waking up on a sleepy Sunday morning :) it was about 12:15 at this stage. I had drip for fluids.

After while was brought back to day ward. A couple other ladies there too who were very nice. I had bit of rest then after an hr or so was allowed some really nice toast and coffee. Then after a bit got some IV antibiotics and cannula removed. Got dressed and collar/cuff sling on. I was discharged about 2:45pm my mum brought me home. I had a nice sleep from about 4 then a small sandwich around 8 wasn't too hungry. Slept ok last night, woke up around 3 and took some painkillers and went back asleep til about 9am.

I have a very content cat sleeping on my bed right now! I'm kinda bored as not really a sit still person :rolleyes::D Dying to get back to the yard!

Here are some pics including one of first ht with Gift where did not do actual comp as atmosphere was just so overwelming for her so I schooled her in warm up and just got her to be a bit relaxed about the experience of a show.







I am so disappointed as was supposed to be xc schooling on Sunday at a brill venue but a really experienced rider has agreed to ride her and I can watch and learn and will be fun morning out.

Also nurses are amazing people and all hospital staff, I was looked after perfectly :)
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Feb 16, 2013
Nice cat picture too! Ouchy! Healing vibes!
I seem to have cricked my neck falling off as well - you have my falling-off sympathies!
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Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Thanks everyone. I'm hoping sooner than later I know Drs always more cautious than us. It's got wires in so they have to stay in for about 4 weeks. Have check up next week so hopefully will know more than. Hoping it heals fast!


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Yeah hoping I will be able to get back in saddle just to work on her walk even before the 4 weeks.

4 weeks is an age!


Happy Appy
Jul 16, 2012
Thanks got to go to yard today for a bit and my RI schooled her she was a very good girl was nice to see her and give her an apple and some pets. She's such a lovely mare. Was kinda tired after and hand pretty sore today but painkillers help a bit
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