Bry not longer thinks she 's a racehorse :-(


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Feb 16, 2006
:( Humph!!

Went up all excited for my ride today as I haven't ridden for 3 days and haven't hacked out for nearly 2 weeks.

Got about a mile up the road and decided Bry was not right, so hopped off and walked her home.

She's been off for a few weeks but I can't quite put my finger on what's wrong.

Here are my 'options' as far as I can see.

1) She's lethargic - does she need feeding more?
- Has she picked up a virus or something?

2) She's walking with her head low - Is she in pain?
- Does she lack energy?

3) She seems to be footy on gravel - Are her feet sore (even though EP says feet are fab and IHO she doesn't need her BF boots anymore)
- Has she jared her shoulder somehow?

4) She's resting her hind left alot and her movement seems odd again behind
- Has the cold weather affected her arthritis?
- Has the steroid injection worn off her hocks, mainly left and does she need another one?

See how much fun it is inside my head at the mo:rolleyes:

A friend has been riding her out this weekend and hasn't had any problems at all. I am used to a very eager forward going pony who trotts at the slightest aid and pulls slightly, not one who I have to kick to get to trott and who will not maintain it unless constant leg is kept on. She's not lame, she's just not Bryony:( On the flip side, am I just being to sensitive and cautious? I have never thought her bad enough to get off her before.

Her ears were pricked when she was trotting but her head was low and her feet were shuffly.

Mmmmmm, thoughts and ideas welcomed. I am going take her temperature and see if thats high, add a bit of sugarbeet to her feed to see if that perks her up and put her boots back on tomorrow.

Elvenkeep Arabs

sounds like she is a bit sore...TBH, I would probably get your vet out, just to be on the safe side, and ask him what he thinks. Could be arthritis flaring up, she could just be cold..or she may be feeling a bit low!!! there are any number of things that could be the root of's just a process of elimination to find it.

Good luck hun, I hope Bry is feeling more like herself soon!

Pink's lady

I'd go with either sore feet or sore hocks. They would cause all of your 'symptoms'.

With all this wet weather thier frogs are really damp and soft and even Pink is feeling a bit footy.


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May 23, 2004
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to be honest, dont really see how your epo can say her feet are fine and she doesnt need boots. Whatever the feet look like, whether they are sore or not is something only the horse can tell you. I would try putting the boots back on and see if theres a difference as a first off.
Dont mean that as a slight to an epo, would be the same for a vet or farrier :)


Back in the saddle yeehaa
Feb 16, 2006
I had her temp taken last night and that is fine so I don't think theres anything a mis there. When my EP said to try her without the boots I think she just said 'I think her feet look great and are in good condition, I can't tell you NOT to wear them but do try without' I'm going to pop them back on today and see if that makes any difference.

I think she has a little heat in her hocks.


Back in the saddle yeehaa
Feb 16, 2006
Put the boots on and as expected she was loads better. However I now have another problem........
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