Buddy does Hunt Rides


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Apr 25, 2003
41420227_1811990095516214_8393823632190603264_o.jpg 37223071_1730452733669951_5097389374417403904_n.jpg 41366291_1811999472181943_1641579012117495808_o.jpg 41368562_1810690802312810_7385987965383606272_o.jpg 41416156_1811999562181934_1102443784769110016_o.jpg 42706981_1775478499235995_2494952270387478528_o.jpg 42713164_1775478699235975_9004308385268498432_o.jpg 42719558_1775478762569302_2744710163452657664_o.jpg 42727621_1775478372569341_4281472470101262336_o.jpg 42727685_1775478349236010_1636055400706998272_o.jpg He has now done a few 5-6 milers with the local hunts. Two hours is his distance so 5-6 the very furthest you want to take him, given he uses a lot of energy being a wally.

So he did Threepwood, which was beautiful, up in the hills near Lauder, lots of cantering, ground was perfect. Sadly no pictures. He did boil over at one point on open moorland when he could see horses cantering in the distance, but fortunately the 5 mile and 13 mile routes split shortly afterwards and we had a glorious 40 minutes solo coming down the ridge of a hill just the two of us. He was amazingl

He then did Rawflat where again there was good ground and cantering opportunities. It was packed, must have been over 150 horses there. After the first 15 minutes, when he was loopy loo and dripping with sweat, he had a long steady canter along the edge of stubble then some woods, so that settled him down.

In previous lives, he was ridden in a gag on the bottom rein, with flash and martingale.....I ride him in a Myler D ring snaffle with a thing mouthpiece and rollers, nothing else. Given his head is between his knees anyway, you don't need anything to put it there! He has learnt to go long and low and neck rein, and when his brain is engaged, he just lopes along happily.

We didn't go on the St Cuthbert's ride, which would have been lovely, but 7 miles is just too far for him now.


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Apr 25, 2003
It was glorious on both rides, sunny but fresh, clear, wonderful views, ground perfect. Buddy had a ball, he was so happy. He really rocketed up the field margins giving it welly. He's amazing for his age.
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