By Joe, I think we have it!


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
Saddler number 4 yesterday, one that helped when we had saddle problems before but she no longer covers my area so my friend boxed Jess an hour and a half to my old trainers yard so we could meet her there. Sam is so thorough and checked Jess all over for tightness before measuring her up and finally looking at the saddle. The saddle needed some serious flocking (volume) but even when I asked if I need to be thinking about a new saddle she said no, mine fits well and has plenty of life left in it :) basically the flocking in it was fine there just wasn't enough of it so the poor bugger was indeed feeling the tree through the panels.

First test ride went brilliantly, Jess was very willing to move forward and happily picked up walk to canter. Out for our Halloween ride today, so that should give it a really good test :)