Callie is a monkey


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Dec 26, 2008
Wales in the hills
I have taken on callie and rupert while their mum is on her long trip abroad and they are to help me with my business venture when it gets going.
I decided today that riding Callie would be ok as we would go for a wander up the track while my mum was about for my son. I have been told so many times he can be slightly flighty for a shire but i never really believed it until now. We walked beautifully for about half an hour and i was so happy bella has been slightly lame for a few days so havent been able to get in the saddle. I turned around to walk back and i assumed he didnt really know where he was, oh yes he does, full pelt dash back to the yard gate which he leans on and it gives way, no wonder their mum names them the terrible two.
Any advice for a shortie caring for a monster of a horse, i have a dually which they brought with them but im not sure how it works.
Rupert is being a complete Darling and i dont think i will able to give him back. My son adores him he licks his hands over the fence, amazing for such a huge boy.

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