Calling all Albion Owners / Ex-Owners



I have sat in my Albion just a handful of times, it was made to template as my horse is funny shape, I am very pleased with the comfort of the saddle and the fit.

My problem is, I have just cleaned it and all the dye is coming off and the underside has gone sort of 'porous' ?? If I were to show without a numnah there would be brown dye all over my white horse the minute she got warm !!!

I am disgusted at the quality of the leather, there is black showing through where any other leather has touched.

My eight year old Barnsby I replaced looked in nicer condition than this :mad:

Has anyone else had this sorth of problem with these? It is a K2 GP if that makes any difference.


ps I dont want to turn this into one of those threads slagging them off in general please, just need views on the leather quality from those that have them - thanks


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Aug 31, 2007
I never had a problem with my albion, just had to sell it when it didnt fit anymore.

I know it was made especially for your horse but is there any chance you can take it back, you shouldnt be having a problem like that, you should complaint as it's faulty.


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Apr 16, 2000
Send it back and tell them what you think!

That shouldn't happen.

....and don't be fobbed off, Mr Belton and Ms Von Reibeck (sp?) charge enough as it is!


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Jul 23, 2006
West Midlands
A friend of mine has an albion in which the points of the tree were broken and digging into the horses back - nice!

afraid after hearing one or two stories about them i wouldn't touch them with a bargepole :eek:


Yes they do Wally, I paid £1095 in total !!

If I wanted leather like this I'd have bought a Fieldhouse :mad:

I have left a message with Derby House, their saddle department lady wasn't there today but will ring me tomorrow (here's hoping!)

If I do get a refund, any idea's on saddles to fit my very downhill, wide spined connemara cross as it took ages to find one that fit this time and I have sold the emergency Wintec that I bought to use or the twelve week wait I had for it to be made :eek:


Nov 8, 1999
If I do get a refund, any idea's on saddles to fit my very downhill, wide spined connemara cross as it took ages to find one that fit this time

YES.... a used Barry Swain with a half panel! Keep a look out on Ebay as they come around regular like! Would only look for the type with a 'half panel' though as this will sit correct on a connie back. Don't worry too much about width as this can be set up for you at Barry's workshop.


Well the manageress was extremely helpful thus far and I have said I will return the saddle on Saturday, just means I am without a saddle whilst Albion are looking at it :(
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