Careers in Breed Organizations, Rescue Organizations & Equine Publications? Help!

I'm a sixteen year old girl, and I'm considering studying Equestrian Sciences- however, I'm not interested in the traditional "horsey-careers"- running a stable, vet, farrier, competitive rider, etc., but would still like to work with horses.

I've been riding for about eight or nine years now, tried a lot of different things, and I'm decently knowledgeable in many areas of horsemanship (I've been trained in western and english pleasure, I've competed in dressage, hunters, and jumpers, worked with kids as a staff member at an equestrian camp and as a volunteer at a hippotherapy center, and I have a job as a rider for a clinician specializing in gaited horsemanship- I've ridden in clinics/demos, taught riders, and trained horses with gaiting-problems, vices, behavioral issues, and breaking colts), but I don't really enjoy jumping/dressage/competitive riding- I really enjoy training simple pleasure horses and trail riding. And I most definitely prefer riding my gaited horses to the trotters I've ridden over the years!

So my question is... what jobs are out there for someone like me? I mean, what kind of jobs are there, for example, in breed organizations? Youth organizations? Humane societies? Equine publications?

Any insight/ideas/advice you may have for me... greatly appreciated!