Cheapest Albion Bridle



DO you mean an Albion KB? If you can cope with 2nd hand, eBay. I sold mine to a another NR-er, via eBay - didn't know it was them till I saw address to post it to! ;-) gorgeous bridlework.

Puzzle and Me

New Member
Apr 9, 2007
With respect Iron Maiden I am not talking about a saddle, looking at bridle, am fully aware problems people have with Albion saddles and thread is about anyone recommending where to get an Albion bridle from. thanks:)

Iron Maiden

Sep 14, 2006
Well that's me told :mad:

My friend bought one from Your Horse Live for a good price which isn't much use to you because I can't remember who she bought it from :rolleyes: I'll ask her next time I see her.
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