Chiro visit today


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
Joanne Archer, the McTimoney practitioner, visited Mattie and Ziggy today. It was the first time I have had a chiropractor treat them, their usual therapist is a neuromuscular sports horse therapist.

Joanne was lovely. She was so so gentle but what she does is clearly very effective. Ziggy only needed what she called "fine tuning" and she said she was very pleased with his condition given his history of injury (before me) and illness (with me). He loved the treatment, spent most of the time resting his front teeth on my shoulder (he is very chilled when he does this). He told her when he had had enough by yawning hugely, and then followed her over to where she was writing her notes to thank her by snuffling her hair and putting his head in her elbow. She was absolutely smitten with him which shows what great taste she has!

I was concerned about Mattie as he is so stiff, but she said that for an ex-racer he really wasn't in bad shape and that his lifestyle and level of work obviously suited him. He found some parts of the treatment very uncomfortable and bobbed his head to tell us so, but he clicked his neck himself - as she applied pressure to the shoulder he swung his head around and down, and his neck released just like that! - and swayed towards her to seek more pressure when she released his sacroiliac.

They both played like yearlings afterwards, lovely to watch.


Aug 23, 2010
I enjoyed reading this Jane :happy: I had Joanne Archer out to Prince last year and it was both fascinating and exciting to watch... I couldn't believe how I could really SEE what her treatment was doing for him.

Joanne identified soreness in both shoulders, one more than the other, and Prince had been telling me this for ages - I just wasn't getting it that the reason he glared at me when I groomed him was because it was tender for him :frown:

She also cleared a problem with his wonky pelvis and told me he would probably need a few days turnout to right himself after her treatment as she had made quite a lot of changes and releases.... and she was right. He was MUCH happier after the treatment and a few days rest. I would have Joanne back out like a shot - she is awesome!



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Sep 14, 2009
I rate McTimoney chiropracters and actually have only had them out for the horses I have owned.

HOWEVER, never have I seen a horse react to someone like Tobes reacted to Poohsmate. And Tobes is no pushover, think wired ADHT if he was a person!

Poohsmate didn't even manipulate him, just ran his hands over him and Tobes fell asleep!!!


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Apr 16, 2009
I am a huge believer in the a good chiro or physio my boys get done every 13 weeks and the difference is always amazing.

The fact the Ziggy enjoyed it and did not need much work is a testament to how you are ridding him so well done

As for Mattie humm ex racers not favorites at the moment but I have etold that they generally are prone to stiffness in the neck.


I have a McT Chiro to my girls every spring and autumn, they've never had to have too much done, but I can almost always feel the difference in them afterwards. It's good stuff :)
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