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Jan 29, 2008
Hello, Hope everyone is ok this afternoon!
When i first got ginny she was not in work and on loads of cereal based feeds twice a day!:eek:(Shes a cob and dosent need them!) Anyway i have been off riding for a month due to ill health but am just starting to ride her again. Shes on no feeds and strip grazed twice a day some meadowy grass! Nothing too rich. But she seems to have obtained some extra layers of fat! Now im better im hoping to get the weight off her! I dont know if me thinking about it is making her look worse in my head when shes actually not that fat. I love her anyway! Sorry for the random post, its just so when i now go off to the saddlery to invest in some good lunging stuff i can look back read the post and justify why i bought it!:) Have a nice day!






Nov 29, 2006
UK sussex.
what a very pretty face she has. truly stunning... hope you do well with her!! keep us updated with how things go.



She is beautiful! 4th pic (headshot) is stunning! Deffo one for keeps. ;)

I dont know if me thinking about it is making her look worse in my head when shes actually not that fat.

If I'm totally honest with you, it does look like she has a lot to lose and I don't want to sound rude at all as it seems like you have noticed and are making a good effort to try and bring her back to optimum weight. The thing you have to watch out for though, is people who think cobs are supposed to be or look fat - coyote on here has a cob and he is a very good weight in my opinion - go take a look at her photo album.
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