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Aug 29, 2008
Hi, I have seen a couple of horses advertised for sale online what belong to a riding centre. The thing is the riding centre is 2 and a half hours drive away from me, I would like to know how long it could take from the moment I view and decide to buy (if I think one is right) to having them vetted and transported home? Or would you say it is just too far away?

Thanks once again for all your advice and comments


My girly was in lancaster i'm in essex - took us 6 hours to get there! That long a drive ment I couldn't be there for the vetting or use my vet. But she wasn't backed so didn;t have to go ride her a few times or anything.
For me I knew she was the right one so didn't mind only seeing her twice before her coming home (stayed in a travel lodge overnight) and her old owners met us half way with her in their trailer. We swapped to our lorry and carried on.

Although when 3 months in to me owning her she was diagnosed with arthritis in both hocks it was a pain because although she passed a vetting I couldn't say what was done cause I wasn't there and couldn't really quiz vet that passed her much as only over the phone.
Good luck, if one is the right one you will know!


Simon & Bob
Jan 30, 2008
Donegal, Eire
I'm a four and a half hour drive from where I bought Simon and it all went fine, aim to arrive home in daylight though! Ask the seller who their vet is and just use a different local one for the vetting and you should be fine (you don't have to be present but personally I'd rather be there ;). You could maybe go and stay somewhere for a weekend close by to try them out if you don't fancy a lot of travelling to and fro, or ask if they'd be willing to let you take it home for a few weeks trial.
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