competitons for the older rider


Jan 12, 2008
Hants bordering Surrey
I am just starting to learn to jump and wondered what riders 30plus go out to competitions and shows? I am hoping to go out and do some jumping starting at around 2ft 3 to 6 courses. Will I look silly riding my 16.3 boy in these classes especially as will probably be up against 11yr olds on there 14h ponies!! anybody got any pics of them competing at riding club level? :)


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Aug 23, 2006
West Yorkshire
You could enter classes like clear round. Also, there are other people who ride horses and are novices, you won't be the only one.

What I want to see is gymkhana games for older people!


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May 18, 2004
Somewhere out there
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Over here there aren't many showing options, so if you wanted to go 2'3", you would be up against the kiddies! I really want to show my horse (after I get over my confidence issues) but don't want to go up against 8-12 year olds...and lose! :D

I hope you do have more options. :)


BSJA-Big Scarey Jump Asso
Apr 16, 2000
UK, Northampton
Most unaff (riding club) comps are a mix of adults and kids so no you wont look out of place. I will be taking Juno to the local riding club comp soon just to get her to a new venue. I'm 49, she's 17hh ;)


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Jul 23, 2006
NO NOT at all.....and anyway who cares!!!! :D:D

I am 33 and have just started getting out and about with my girl and havent even made it to a 2ft3 yet...still hovering around the weeny class. Nobody seems to mind!!!

Go have fun...good luck :D



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Jul 31, 2008
i would worry about it im 17 and took my 14hh in against loads of 12hh ponies last week with incy kids! and there was a load of adults there too so its all fun and games :) remember little ponies are whizzy and can turn on a sixpence!

Kathryn T

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Jul 13, 2009
Dumfries and Galloway
Until we moved in December I went along to our local riding club and entered what I could - a scared jumper so left the jumping to those with nerves but I did in hand, ridden and equitation AND!!! we did Handy pony and finished second overall on points! I managed to pick up trophies at the end of the five seasons I went to the club. We used to walk round to the ground which wasn't too far away and evryone was friendly and helped holding ponies. I rode a highland and did in hand with an exmoor - both of which I had to leave behind as i loaned them, but I now have two of my own. Only problem we have is transport otherwise I wouldn't have any hesitation going to local shows! I am a 'mature' rider and have seen young and old come unstuck and young and old successful. your local riding club will be pleased to see you whatever your level. get out there and have some fun - and your horse will enjoy it too!:D


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Jul 12, 2007
I have just started doing shows in the last few months, and find that there are a lot of 'mature' riders like me , as well as kids! Often in the jumping classes there is a class for over 30's, also if you are on a horse, most of the kids are on ponies and these are split out if you get through to the jump off. Go for it!
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