CrackerJack 1984-2009 x Very Sad.


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May 26, 2008
Im writting this thread on behalf of a very good friend of mine. I would like to dedicate this to her and the love and dedication she had for her horse. He died in a terrible way.Cracker was CobxArab, He was 25 and was a superstar. He was very grumpy but never meant anything by it. I looked after him for a few weeks at a time while she was on hols and used to do him in teh evenings and wash him in the summer. Liz who owns him is a very good and special friiend to me and i believe she && him deserve this.

Cracker was full of life, loved the field,secretly had friends, ate alot!
Was a very faithfull friend to a very kind ladi but lost his life due to a pony. They were messing around in the field and one pony became very dominant and drove him into barbed wire. He kept running to escape but unfortunatly the wire went into him and cut his chest open and gave him internal bleeding. He was Put to Sleep there, in the field. Where he belonged.

Cracker This is for. A very faithfull horse and a part of the furniture.
Rest In Peace Special Boy.

:( :(
Meg xx


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Mar 18, 2009
Poor Crackerjack, it can happen so easily, damn barbed wire - my TB Phoenix was driven over the barbed wire by another pony (ours) was left with horrendous injuries to both hind legs, taking months to heal, but after reading this i realise it could have been much worse RIP Crackerjack :( very sad
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