Cross-Country Course Design

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Feb 27, 2002
What are you looking for, exactly? How to build jumps, or footing, distances, or spacing of combinations, or what? :)

Building cross-country jumps is a lot of fun; they don't need to be nearly so "refined" (er, expensive) as stadium; they're as easy as stacking logs together. If that's what you're looking for, I'd recommend taking a look around your property and seeing what you've got, and using your imagination. Stack logs, stack firewood, stack tires... Barrels make great jumps if held in place somehow. Take a sawhorse, nail on 2x4's to the side, and you've got a great coop. And so on :)

Oh, and you can make something that *looks* like a ditch by digging a very shallow trench and putting large logs in the banks on either side. Saves you having to figure out how to shore up the sides of the ditch. (also good for pastures you're riding in, as the horses don't have to deal with a sudden new ditch right in their playing space.)