Digestive biccies?


I love my Nimby!
Sep 25, 2007
Lol the forum needs something a bit light-hearted :p haha anyway.. this may seem a bit strange but my horse LOVES digestive biscuits, as does his stable mate..

But i so often get "oh why do you feed him digestive biscuit" comments when i mention it!

Is feeding a horse digestive biscuits sound strange to you!? I always thought it was the norm..
my pony, and all the other horses at the yard ADORE digestives, but hobnobs are there fave!
My first pony was very partial to fig rolls - and I'm sure digestives are right up most horses' streets too! They're mostly grain and sugar - so YUMMY!

Don't find anything strange about it at all! Most horse "treats" you buy in a packet are basically grain and sugar - there may be a bit more sugar in digestives - but what the hell, you're hardly feeding bucketfulls of them! :)
:D:D Im not even going to tell you what my Arab used to LOVE to drink, but it came in a bottle and was RED and tasted of cherries and had 'ade' on the end:D I used to have to fight him off:D
my horse this weekend was offered a mcds burger,, he took the roll! had ketchup on his lips! then offered him hot chocolate.... o m g the piggy drank the lot straight from the cup he was sluping and u should of seen the state of his face!! he will also drink coke wine beer and loves onions!!! and bananas...
My horse loves prawn cocktail flavour crisps and bread!!!!
Very bizzare boy he is :D
my old shettie would eat anything, but his fave thing in the would was sherbet strawberies :eek: he hardly ever got em at all though, so he settled for for dip dabs lol
Charles Buttons Esq, has a speciall biscuit slot that you pos them into.......I thought most horses had a biscuit slot!
My mum used to make a washing up bowl full of tea for my old stallion, there was a whole teapot full, Made specially for him no dreggs! about a pint of milk, no sugar!

he used to drain it in a onner! She used to test it on her wrist like a babies's bottle. :D :D He like a bucket of milk too, and I mean a whole black bucket of cow's milk....never did have a big enough cookie to go with it.