Do You Own Too Much "Stuff"


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Mar 15, 2008
When I arrived on the yard this morning I was greeted with a mess.
It's now apparent that an 8 by 8 room is big enough for five people to fit tack, feed, rugs and mucking out tools.
It is actually with some shuffling and swearing :)

That got me thinking, do we own too much? If you are on a livery you get limited space as the above example shows. Though up until today we had another room!
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Oct 13, 2004
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I think I probably do but in my defence, one day we will own another two riding horses, one for OH in particular. So for me, it's quite justified owning three saddles and numerous rugs:p and all the other spare bridles / bits etc. I did once consider selling Joe's dressage saddle but for what I'd get it wouldn't be worth the hassle me thinks. Anyway, I have a whole room devoted to my tack and just about make it work and keep it was a shock when I moved off a yard 9 years back, but lord only knows what it will be like when I have to pack everything up for the move.......o_O


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Feb 8, 2012
I'm lucky, I have half a shipping container for storage and it's full to the brim. But to be fair most of that is hay and bedding. I like to stay stocked up so have about 8/9 hay bales and 3/4 shavings. Then I have a storage chest full of rugs, one saddle and 2 bridles and then a 3 drawer tower full of all sorts. And then my wheel barrow, fork and broom.


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Apr 16, 2009
we have limited in my yard. A pallet per horse for bedding/hay etc and a saddle room.

As I have two I made sure I got two large pallets when we had a move around. I also have two chest with saddles clothes etc in. Not to mention the shed at home I keep all my rugs in.

As for to much stuff hell yes they have enough for another two ponies


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Jun 18, 2009
We are lucky at our yard. There are two barns for the horses, the one I'm in has stables for 24,the other has 11. Both barns have space at one end to keep things like our feed bins, tools, grooming kits and a lot of us have large boxes for odds and ends. I've got first aid stuff, lunging roller and line, chaps, high viz waistcoat, whips and various bottles of things like shampoo, fly spray, etc. in mine, probably a few other things I've forgotten about as well. In the tack room there are saddle racks for each horse. 6 or 7 of us have bins, like extra large re-cyclng bins, I keep all my rugs, travel boots, spare hay nets, spare headcollar and lead ropes and numnahs in there. Those that haven't got a bin have stacks of large plastic boxes. At home I keep Mac's show tack which doesn't get used much these days. I have got a box of bits which I must sort out as some of them are from our previous 3 horses and don't fit Mac and a very large box of pieces of tack again which don't fit Mac. I have managed to sell a fair bit at boot sales but I think I will donate what I've got left to a horse rescue society I support. In our conservatory there are rugs waiting to be cleaned and a stack of numnahs waiting to be washed.

I think I have to say I've got too much stuff :D


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Feb 3, 2007
East Yorkshire
I know I have too much stuff! Half of our garage is soxs stuff! I am hoping to have a clear out tomorrow or at least a tidy up! :D On the yards I have been on storage has always been limited. This new yard am going to is no different. Here, at least the yards I have been on having half a storage container is a dream , normally its about 1 and a half meters wide by 1 meter in length! That's for your tack and equipment. Buying in bulk was never an option at previous yards as you simply didn't have enough space. The new yard I am looking at a small shed. I would say 4-5 ft wide by 6-7 ft in length for two people... I just have too much of everything really. I currently own 3 fleeces, 4 headcollars and ropes, 4 hoof pick ( One for each hoof!!:p) Atleast 600 meters of electric fencing and 30 posts, along with around 8 rugs if not more and everything in between!!


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Oct 28, 2004
New Zealand
Personally, no.
When the ponies went off on loan and I was packing their bags, all their belongings for the two of them fit in the boot of the car, with room to spare. I'm just left with a bag of stuff I don't need that I'm trying to sell (unused fly hoods etc).


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Mar 15, 2008
I don't have too many rugs as I don't use. She has 1 brand new unused fleece and two turnouts, in case. I used lasted year as clipped.

Nov 10, 2014
I used to have a lot of stuff but being honest a lot of it has been stolen when I stored it at a friends when Kia last went on loan with just the essentials, then when my friend died her partner refused to give me my stuff back and sold it.

Now Kia has enough to keep him going, but many things that belonged to the horses and ponies I owned before Kia have gone :( makes me sad and mad but nothing I could do about it without having receipts for everything and some of the items were 20 yrs old :( apparently even pictures of my horses wearing the items years ago don't count as proof :(


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Dec 20, 2004
Suffolk, UK
I have way, way too much. My tack/feed room is probably 10x12ft and fairly well stuffed full, hay in another shed, straw in another (just in case I ever need to stable), I have another shed with less used rugs and tack items in AND a wardrobe full and my saddles at home too. I probably have a bigger range of gear than my local tack shop! I do keep trying to sort and sell stuff, but lots is worth very little but you can guarantee I'd need it if I got rid and all those £20-when-new things add up to replace.
When I moved here with my ex 10 years ago we had an army of horseboxes for the move, 1.5 for the entire contents of our house and all belongings, 1 for the horse gear (no feed, hay or bedding, just stuff) and the 2 horses in the trailer :eek:

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Oct 10, 2004
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I don't own much stuff at all. Ben is a horse who needs very little. He has a couple of rugs which he doesn't wear at the moment, and then just the essentials. All my stuff is kept in a standard box outside my stable. I have by far the least on my yard, some people have 20 rugs just for one horse.

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Jan 11, 2005
I have a ridiculous amount of stuff!! I'm lucky that I have a lockable area that's just for my things. It's about 12×3/4 foot ish. In it I have my metal feed bin, two plastic feed bins a wheelie bin (houses more food!) Two black plastic shelving units that have all my rugs on them and one shelf is dedicated to my grooming kits and headcollars (but is a bit of a dumping group as currently has hi viz, empty plastic carrier bags, fleece saddle cover and other odds and ends on it too!!) Then I have a large plastic box with fencing stuff in it, 2 smaller plastic boxes one with bathing stuff and the other is a first aid kit and 2 even smaller plastic boxes one with tack cleaning stuff and the other with odds and ends. And my tack locker!!

Hay and straw is kept in the hay barn opposite our stable barn.

I have a bag of stuff to sell and loads of rugs I never use but like @Jessey I can't get rid as it might be useful on day! (Like the saddle I'm holding onto because it might fit if I ever get a pony for my niece!!)


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May 18, 2009
I'm another with next to nothing, I only buy what I need and as Belle is so easy to keep that isn't much, I have one saddle rack and one bridle hanger in the tack room, I have a box outside Belle's stable which is half empty, that has essentials in and that's it really, I have a set of shelves in the feed room plus a corner of the room for bins and both of those are half empty too.
Having said that my spare room at home is a bit full of unused riding clothes, so I could and should have a sort out of that lot.


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Jun 4, 2014
No, I honestly don't (horsewise anyway).

My stable is partioned off with a small section at the back with is 12 feet wide but I can't stand sideways & stretch my arms out so isn't deep at all. In it, I keep a wheelbarrow and all my mucking out tools, all my tack (including my riding boots, riding hat etc), all Pete's rugs, grooming kit, feed and supplements. If it doesn't all fit, it doesn't all stay :D

If we are talking non-horsey clothes and accessories though, I might (read: am) guilty as charged ...!
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Apr 16, 2000
I don;t have too much horsey stuff, A saddle each and one or two to spare in case folk get fat or thinner. A bridle each a couple of fleece coolers, a NZ each, and a box of communal brushes.

My life is full of "stuff" I make it quite clear I do not want any more "stuff" for Xmas or Birthdays.
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