electric fence chargers


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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Just wondering those that do not use mains electric which unit do you use?

Any one use solar panel chargers?

Car/leisure battery units?

How long do they last etc before a recharge? Do you have issues with the solar ones?



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Apr 16, 2000
We have loads of old car and tractor (not traction) batteries, keep them in the shed on trickle charge on a bettery conditioner. When they run down after 3 weeks or so I change them. Much cheaper than leisure batteries.

THe solar one is okay but only lasts 10 days before you have to take it onto the shed and put it back on the mains to recharge it.

Mostly we have big mains energisers.


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May 22, 2008
East Yorkshire
I bought a couple of 12v solar panels off ebay - about £15 each I think they attach to a Leisure battery to run the fence - I tend to top the battery up at beginning of winter and maybe once during winter - no charging during summer at all the panels keep it topped up.


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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Thanks all, I did ponder the solar panels but with where they would have to go the pesky sheep would both it I feel. I have bought a Gallagher standard one for now, lets see how often I have to charge it up, I hope its as much as Julie :wink:


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Apr 25, 2003
we used leisure batteries but they didn't last very long, and they could also tell when the charge was low and go through it.....we have a mains one here with runs a very large stretch of fencing and gives a good kick....


Minnie, Sam and Dolly
May 30, 2002
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I do actually have access to the mains, but the fence line around the farm is not maintained as well as electric fencing should be so the line earth's out all over the farm which I can personally do nothing about so I back up the one line of fencing through the middle (separating grass and no grass) with the engergiser :smile:

chunky monkey

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May 2, 2007
If your only doing a short stretch of fence it should last some time. I have a hotline one on my horse fence on a 12v battery which last about 2 months.

We also use gallagher units on the cattle fencing. These are doing large volumes of fencing though and therefore the batteries only last about a week. These are the top of the range units, designed for large amounts of fencing.

The solar panels are apparently quiet desirable for nicking.

What you have to remember is the units are all rated for different amounts of fencing. Its no good buying a cheap unit, if you have a lot of electric fencing in situe.

I would get one of the digital fence testers they are well worth it, you can just put it on the fence once a week and if its only putting out a low voltage it tells you.
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