Electric fence corner posts


Jane&Sid these days!
Apr 30, 2010
Surrey Hills
We are hoping to set up a track system in our 2 paddocks this year. This will mean 2 central sections potentially with corners.

Electric fence corner posts generally seem to be metal and to cost at least £25 each. Does anyone have any suggestions for a less expensive option? They do need to be regularly moveable so the fields can be topped, or I'd put in wooden posts.


Equine Karaoke Queen
Apr 15, 2012
Our farmer has a few old ones. I wonder if you could pick some up second hand from somewhere. They definitely seemed sturdy when I used them. I did try to mimic them using 3 plastic electric fence posts tied together with baler twine and it worked (did need readjusting every couple of days as they aren't as strong as the metal ones and start to bend slightly). Rubic really respects the fence, I'm not sure if they would work as well with a horse that was a bit bolder!
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