English vs. western


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Dec 30, 2005
I ride English and always have done yet I love to try new things. Western called to me and knowing that there were few places in my area and that I wanted the real "cowboy" experience I made a deal ;) - good grades, western holiday in the USA! :D My good grades came so my mum (not much of a rider) and I booked a holiday and headed out. I loved it.:D One of the most amazing weeks of my life. My saddle I could barely carry (but I am very weak! :eek: ) and it wasn't that comfy but a seat saver later I was in luxury for the rest of the week. I was put on some "fun" :rolleyes: but great horses and although the morning was slower as my mum was with us the afternoons on the trails were far more challenging and fast.:p And the scenery made every pace breathtaking.:) Most english riders in english tack on an english horse would struggle with most of those trails as they just wouldn't be secure enough:rolleyes: . Also rounding up cattle and splitting some - they do not want to leave their friends. I have to say I fell in love with riding western although I love English equally.:) Since I finished my holiday I have not yet ridden western again but if I was offered a chance to ride out in it again I would love to. However, I have to say for any schooling work or dressage which I would otherwise miss I'll definately stick with English as I do believe for the type of riding mainly done in Britain it is the faster and more exhilerating of the two.

Sorry about the Saga! :eek:


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Aug 16, 2005
I ride english :D
But western woulod be bad for trail riding :D
I wouldtry out western
But.... i think i like english betta


Jul 9, 2004
holton Michigan
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Western all the way! Some of us dont like to go fast all the time. And I have never been bored riding western. As far as english--I have never tried it so I will not knock it.

I am from the country and only do trail, and work the farm so I have never found a use for been exposed to english. I did however purchase an english saddle off of ebay once to try it out and it sat in the tack room for 3 years before I finally sold it. Didnt look like it had anything to hold on to and I like the security of the "horn" if I need it. lol