Fab day on my newly adopted mare (so i say) VERY happy!


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Nov 7, 2007
North Cotswolds
So as some of you might know i've been riding my friends mare that she's got up for sale. Today was my 3rd hack out on the little nutter, my friend rode the oh so lovely Nim again and off we went.

I spent the whole ride in shock, she jig jogged for about 200yards once i was on then walked.. and walked.. and walked!! We trotted in to the village.. then WALKED! We made the decision to take her up onto the bridleway, i wasn't sure it was a good idea but i'm glad we did.

With S on gate duty as the lovely Nim opens gates, the only moments we had were the impatient mare while Nim opened gates. She WALKED on GRASS.. we then had 2 lovely gallops, she can shift. Then we jogged for a while, in which time my organs got jumbled up THEN she WALKED :D:D.

I was so so sooo happy, what an improvement in just over a week and 3 hacks! She seems to be really getting there now. I just want to take her home!!!

My friends mum has said she might have the money for a new one before Poppy goes, so she said if that did happen i could have her. :) Won't get my hopes up though, although tbh i think i already am!

Very very happy with her! ;):D


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Apr 20, 2007
Milton Keynes, Bucks
Well done, iv read a few posts on Poppy. She does sound lovely and its amazing what a confident rider can do for a horse thats made there owner nervous!!!

Good luck with her! Im sure she can make you much happier still!
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