Fear free riding


Oct 6, 2015
i have been reading the book fear free riding and journaling... (not that great on the journal - but hoping to improve on that) I have been riding a while (over 10 years and started at 45) and have that 3 steps forward - 1 step back. I have jumped and cantered and felt a lot of fear. i feel pretty good and walk and trot - i am however scared at the canter. This brings me fear for the whole time dreading the fear of falling. The book suggests to not push - but to go as far as you feel fear and then no more to bring on positive memories and feeling about riding. I feel like i could be a good rider - but my fear holds me back a bit - i have a bit of anxiety about alot of things! I want to ride with my daughter and my granddaughter. I am taking lessons at a stable and ride weekly on another horse. I would love to ride and be comfortable and confident! I feel alot of anxiety prior to the lessons, so i have somewhat stepped back and last week asked not to canter - but to work on trot. I want to feel positive about going to lessons and riding and not nervous.


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Dec 1, 2017
Dont do it untill u re ready. Although i had cantered horses before i was scared to canter my newly broke cob, i dont know why! Hes pretty safe and sane! When i did canter it was just a few paces then i slowed him down, did it like that for a while untill my confidence was up. Everyones different, it takes people different amount of times
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