Fences in a fence line - why so difficult?


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Dec 31, 2002
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OK so the local hunt have put up some very nice, inviting hunt jumps for us but can I get over them???:mad:

It seems to me that Fly simply either doesnt recognise these as being fences when they are part of a hedge line or he believes it morally wrong to jump out of a field (which lets face it if he did it in his own field would be wrong).

No amount of determined riding does a thing he just runs up to it and stops. I could take a lead and Im sure he would follow another horse but this is really only a band aid solution.

Any ideas?? I SOOOOOOOOO want to get into that other field but the onlyway in is over!:eek:


I have a similar problem - our XC course runs through our fence lines and some of our very nice polite horses say "actually, one really doesn't think one should be jumping out of ones fields" and stop at the most ridiculous things.

More determined riding - once horse figures that you havent lost the plot they all seem to get on fine after then.


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Sep 15, 2007
If you took a lead and he jumped it maybe he would then realise its quite ok to jump it and be ok on his own after? Just an idea? :)


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Dec 31, 2002
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Yes this isnt a new thing, he's always done it. Drives me mad! I reckon i need to put a red and a white flag on it!

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Sep 14, 2006
Mrs P used to do this, might still do - I haven't taken her over a fence line jump for a while. About the only thing that seemed to work with her was a crack on the bum on take off :eek: It's easier to get her over towards home/lorry (i.e. haynet) too. She has been known to depart from her field so I don't think the moral argument applies, she just tends to nap at them :rolleyes:


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Jul 31, 2008
ah see mines good with these coz she knows the only way round a fence line is to go over it. she cant ahev any more fun till she jumps so she does jump!! generally following though shes a bit of a wuss in front! coz she doesnt want to leave her mates behind :rolleyes:
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