Finding a good freelance instructor?


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Nov 5, 2007
... Title says it all really...

Where is the best place to look for a freelance instructor? I go to a riding school but mostly I ride two horses outwith the school (a 26 year old Trotter X cob who just wants to gallop or trot at 80 miles an hour, and an 11 year old Clydie X who is a little insecure on his own but has loads of potential). The riding instructor from the school said she would come and teach me on one of her days off... unfortunately she also teaches other people on her days off and hasn't been able to fit me in :eek:.

Anyway, where's the best place to look for an instructor who is knowledgeable but also understanding- Basher (the older one) has a reputation as a difficult horse but I get on well with him. He doesn't buck or spin or rear, he just likes to run! However if I was to get an instructor who was unsympathetic then he'd probably blast off into next week! (He was abused before his current owner got him and has a few issues and a funny action is one of his back legs- he's sound but it just looks a bit odd). As for Angus, he's a star. He's got oodles of potential (if he sees something scary he can do the most beautiful dressage!). He's also a driving horse and hasn't been schooled very much so he is quite one sided but I'd like to build him up to perhaps doing a Prelim dressage test on him (just at a local show- no transport!) He's very responsive to the leg- he just doesn't know the difference between impulsion and "up a gear" but that will come with time.

So yeah, apologies for the life story there! I just want to find an instructor who will be encouraging and sensitive to the needs of these horses and myself- and even though they are heavy horses they can certainly shift their butts! And especially not a shouty, shouty angry instructor or Basher and I may end up disappearing into the distance with me hanging on for dear life! And not to be sexist- but Basher is funny about new people but he tends to be better with women (we assume it was a man that beat him). My main aim for Bash is to just do some light schooling and try to get him to relax more when ridden ( and remain under control especially in higher gears). And Angus loves anyone, male or female as long as they have food! I don't have a school but might be able to hire one at a pinch. Failing that there's a paddock I can use.

So there you go- suggestions for websites or if people know anybody that would be good.


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Oct 8, 2008
Little bit unsure about your post- do you own these two horses?

Sorry, it's late and I'm generally a bit of a fool!! :D:rolleyes:


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Nov 5, 2007
No I don't own these two horses. But their owner says I'm welcome to take lessons on them. I've ridden them off and on for about a year. They winter out so are only ridden in the summer and are mostly hacked out- hence the lack of schooling.

the flying fell

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May 29, 2009
I struggled to find a freelance instructor, eventually ended up on the website of my local pony club, and sent the contact an email, explaining that I was looking for an instructor and was struggling, and asked if she knew if any of the instructors that took rallies/taught at camp did freelance work?
Within two hours she had emailed me back with the names and contact details of about 6 instructors....including a couple who i remembered from my own time in pony club (7yrs ago!).
So could be worth a try.....same idea applies if you have a local riding club etc. Or try the BHS website for a list of registered instructors in your area - it wont say if they do freelance or not though i dont think, may have to just give a few a call and find out!


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May 21, 2008
If you know names of instructors, google them and see what is said about them.

Ask at local tack shops, feed merchants etc for some one to recommend someone.

Where abouts are you as I may know someone?

PM Me if you want
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