For those who wear glasses...

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Jan 7, 2004
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My husband always wears glasses. Anyway, what do you think people wore before contacts were invented?

Cochise, I have lenses like that too. I don't wear them too much because they are the graduated lens so if you look out of the wrong part you get dizzy. So I have a pair of pure reading and computer glasses and the other pair that I am supposed to wear all the time, I only wear when watching TV and use the distance part.

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Feb 2, 2006
jusut make sure your lenses are plastic then if you fall they wonr shatter i have to always ride in contacts or glasses cuz im so blind without them mine have never fallen off


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Oct 14, 2005
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I have worn glasses since I was 10 months old and have always ridden in them. Infact I managed to fall off and break my collor bone but guess what glasses stayed on.


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Mar 30, 2003
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Well I cant wear contacts so have always ridden in glasses ..... had a few falls ( well I am half a century old now:D ) and only once have glasses ever been even a slight influence on injury...

I fell face first onto road and grazed chin / nose ......... the peak of my hat stopped the glasses impacting too hard on the road and therefore onto my face. Slight bruise top of nose ...... Broke a finger though !!!!!


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I can't wear contacts, the liquid that they need to say moist gives me a really bad reaction and then my eyes swell shut, that not fun, I have tryed many kind and the same thing happens with all of them. As for ridering with glasses, I do. I have had glasses for the past 3 years and i ride in them almost all the time, which is everyday. I have had a few bad falls and the glasses have come out with a few scraps, and I have had to get new lens twice because I drop then on the floor:rolleyes:


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Jan 25, 2004
I've been wearing glasses since I was 14 because in lesson my glasses would always slip down my nose so i'd always have to push them back, and my instructor got really annoyed and told me to get contact lenses!

I've never had a problem wearing lenses for riding in 9 years, although once at college my eye got really sore and I had to drive 60 miles home with only 1 contact lens in! :eek: Luckily i'm not too short sighted.

I fell off wearing glasses once and they bent in half!

oliver twist

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May 5, 2004
Toronto, Canada
i have to wear my glasses, can't see without 'em and i have a stigmatism (sp?) so can't do contacts, although i hear they've made ones for people with stigmatisms. i don't seem to have any trouble with them sitting funny or anything, although they do slip down my nose a bit but i got them tightened so hopefully that's fixed. i've fallen off and i haven't been injured by them or had them fall off (knock on wood). generally if glasses fit properly they don't fall off easily and if they are under your helmet i find that holds them on even more. when i was working at a RDA over the summer i almost had them stepped on by a horse when one of the kids pulled them off :eek: they have rhinestones along the sides (soooo awsome!) and sparkle so were kind of screaming to be grabbed. luckily the horse missed them. anyways, sorry for that tangent.


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Jan 26, 2004
I wear glasses. Have since I was six months old. Tried contacts and just couldn't manage to put the stupid things in. My glasses have never interfered with my hat or been damaged/caused damage during a fall. It's wear them, or ride with blurry vision for me. ;)


I now have prescription sunglasses, ie normal black Bolle sunglasses with correction lenses in them. I guess they would have been better for riding in!

I don't know if the glass would shatter or not...I know mine took a bashing but the glass stayed intact.

Mine never fell off or were uncomfortable, I think if you have a properly fitting helmet and pair of glasses there aren't any problems there...just when they squish into your face hehe. I'm gutted that my party trick was so short lived!

Hehe, we could have NR consumer testing and see which glasses shatter after a degree of falling...:D

Grace :)
I rode in glasses for my first five years- but I found it very annoying if my glasses shifted while I trotted or cantered, and finally picked up some soft contacts.

I agree that riding in glasses isn't the best idea- It seems like it could be quite possible for glasses to break if you have a fall, and besides the cost of replacing them, you most definitely don't want shards of glass or plastic or whatever your lenses are made of, stuck in your eyeball! (And you thought the arena sand was painful)!


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Mar 29, 2005
See for yourself!

The idea of contacts/sticking a finger in my eye is not something I want to do!


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Mar 5, 2004
Ohio, USA
I usually wear my contacts, but on days when I have bad headaches or my eyes hurt, I wear my glasses. Have never thought twice about it. My vision is so bad that I wouldn't be able to see the stirrup on the saddle if I stood at my horse's shoulder ;) There's no possible way I could ride without my glasses/contacts.

I must admit, the dust from the barn (hay, sand in arena, shavings, etc) really DOES bother my eyes A LOT when I'm wearing my contacts. I do have very sensitive eyes, though. Of course, on the other hand, the dust makes my glasses hard to see through if I'm wearing them ;) :D

I would give almost anything to have laser surgery on my eyes and never have to wear contacts or glasses again. But it is so expensive and I don't think the insurance covers it


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May 3, 2003
Ontario, Canada
I wear contacts or ride with blurry vision!

I actually have a funny glasses story.
So I bought this pair of glasses a few years back. They were the type with no frames. I was told that these often broke within a few days, but I wanted them, so I got them.
One day, about a year after I bought the glasses, I was riding and I had a nasty fall. I had quite a concussion. My glasses in the fall had flown off, quite far from me. They sat there, completely fine... unlike my head.
In the end they broke at a time while I was wearing them and hadn't touched them. I put my hair behind my ears and came to realise the arm was missing. They stood up to so much and so many falls, and somehow fell apart for no reason.
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Apr 30, 2003
Basel, Switzerland
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I ride in my glasses all the time - basically if I didn't I coulnd't see my horses ears - let alone anyone else who was in teh arena with me! (I am so myopic it's not funny) I've had a few falls, including betting enthusiatically bucked off a 16.3, but my glasses have never been a problem/come off/damaged my face.

The only time I've had trouble was when I got new frames, and they used to slip down my nose when I was trotting, but I've had them adjusted since and since then I've had no more problems.

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Feb 18, 2005
Scottish Borders
It's good to hear that other people ride in glasses without problems. I can't see 2 feet in front of me without glasses or contacts, so would never be able to ride without them. My main issue with riding in glasses is that they annoy me - rub my eyes, slip down my nose or blur up. Seeing as lots of you don't have problems with this, maybe mine aren't fitting me properly :rolleyes:


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Jan 27, 2004
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tasha said:
1-Has anyone actually known someone who has damaged themselves due to riding in glasses? That's know them personally, rather than a friend of a friend (less chance of Chinese whispers!!).


My dad fell off his horse while wearing glasses. The bridge of the glasses sliced through his nose and almost cut it off.. He had to have many, many stitches to sew his nose back on. He never rode wearing glasses again and has a rather impressive scar.


I ride in glasses, I've only ridden a couple of times without and to be honest I found my lenses dried out.
I've only had one fall where my glasses caused me problems. One week before my wedding i fell of Grady and landed on my head, the hat got pushed forward and hit my glasses which then hit my nose and made it swell up so I looked like a cling on thankfully the black eyes never fully developed otherwise you can imagen the wedding pictures.:eek:
If I start to compete I will get some memoflex glasses.


May 25, 2003
North Wales (UK)
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1ST TIME MUM said:
If I start to compete I will get some memoflex glasses.
those are brilliant (i have them), but remember to get plastic lenses as well, they shatter less and if they do shatter tend to be less dangerous

on to the injuries with glasses, i fell off wearing my old pair, the arm of it broke and stabbed me. hurt but not major.


Aug 22, 2005
laser treatment
Different person to who you asked but I had my eyes lasered in december at Optimax at Finchley road. Best thing I've done. They're a national company depending on where you are based. They also do an ebay deal which is really cheap and promise to price match any quote you get.